Things to Do in California

californiaCalifornia has many perks. They have 280 parks and recreation and contain the most diverse of cultures and diverse recreational resources to be found in California. This is a gulf state so the beaches are a must. You really don’t have to drive far to find a beach in California, with so many events and parks who has the time to be bored there. They have camping sites, corporate events, fitness and recreation, and trails.

Beyond the beaches, this state has more Autumn than what one may think. It doesn’t last long, so getting your photos one has to be quick. Winter isn’t much of a cold weather problem there. They usually just wear sweaters or hoodies. Unlike the east coast where we prepare for the worst. And break out boots and warm woolly coats. In California you will also find the Golden gate bridge. It was built in 1937 and is a mile and a half long or more. This bridge was built to connect Marin County and San Francisco.

On the other hand, they deal with lots of earthquakes and drought, but when the rain comes it comes in torrents. The Lincoln Highway is the only highway that crosses our nation. It gets us from the east coast to the west. So if it’s a drive you, may you may want to take this highway it will take you into California. Here you can find many amusement parks like Disney Land. This state is full of many things to enjoy. So no matter what city you plan on for a visit. you will find a great deal of entertainment. You can see Old faithful it shoots water about 60 feet in the air at 350 degrees. They also have redwood forests. Need less to say California is never boring. Putting California on your bucket-list may be the most enjoyable thing you will ever do.