Living the California Dream

A lot of people have gone there to do just that. Hollywood. The place where dreams are made of. There has been many songs written about going to California. Lots of talent and brilliant people live there, at first you think they are very humble and really just ordinary people when they actually have their own business at the age of 25. They don’t use words like we do they use the word Bandwidth as to say time. Only cool kids live in San Francisco. People there call that the city.

img_6138California is also very technological, everyone has a phone or an I pod. You can rent chrome pads from the libraries. The preachers use Tablets instead of the bible. Nobody there really likes internet explorer, they are too high-tech for that. People there are culturally diverse. When you walk down the street you hear all languages, not just English. Lots of people work at Facebook or google and it’s pretty common there. The scenery has a little bit of everything, deserts and beaches. Mountains and farmlands, It  is like a whole world in one state. The weather is never cold, well it may get to 50 degrees in some areas at night, but they get cold when the temps drop into the 60’s. Yeah they are pretty spoiled when it comes to temperatures. It’s always sunny and hardly ever rains. When the rains come in it  comes in torrents, then you may not see any for weeks. Almost everyone recycles, all the food is organic, and the night life is everywhere. People never use signal lights, Luxury cars are all the rage and traffic is a way of life there. There’s so many things to do, you could spend a lifetime trying to see it all. I guess California is the place dreams are made of.